About Kukua na Kuku

For a thriving and competitive Tanzanian poultry sector


Why KnK?

Tanzania has a strong and growing Poultry sector, with a huge potential that is ready to be exploited and expanded to a larger scale. 

KnK aims to look forward to a thriving and competitive Tanzanian poultry sector that would allow small and medium scale farmers in Moshi/Arusha and Dar es Salaam to have enough knowledge and experience.


The Kukua na Kuku program will achieve its goals through the following approach

Stakeholder mapping & baseline study

Demonstration farm

Capacity building

Knowledge transfer

The baseline study will mark the starting point of the programme and make monitoring and evaluation possible and define KPIs. The stakeholder mapping will identify the partners and important stakeholders during the programme.

The demofarm will be an existing broiler and layer farm at Kilacha Training Center, and will be upgraded with Dutch equipment. The demofarm will provide the opportunity for the Dutch companies to show case the performance and benefits of their equipment, approach and management. The target group will be trained at the demofarm.

The demonstration farm will also serve as aggregation point to conduct training of trainers as well as capacity building on how to manage a broiler and layer farm. 

During visits of the consortium, workshops will be given to poultry farmers at the demonstration farm regarding the following subjects: farm management, animal health, poultry behaviour, biosecurity, feed, breeding and poultry management.

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