Kukua na Kuku Kilacha Poultry Training Farm Develops

The Kukua na Kuku (Growing with Chicken) impact cluster training farm that is located in Kilacha, Moshi, Tanzania has taken great strides in development.

First the building was completed and branded with the partner stakeholders logos giving them visibility in the area. After the building was completed, it was installed with Dutch technology ready for the housing of the chicks and training of trainers from all over Tanzania.

In December 2020, the farm received the first batch of chicks and officially began the training operations.

You will note that the Kuku na Kuku impact cluster is a collaboration between Tanzania and the Netherlands to transform Tanzania’s poultry sector using Dutch technologies.

The impact cluster combines seven Dutch poultry companies, Trouw Nutrition, Impex, G.D Animal Health, iGrow Chicken, Aeres, Hendrix Genetics and Vencomatic Group, have come together through the facilitation of the Netherlands-Africa Business Council (NABC) under the support of the Tanzania embassy in The Netherlands and the Dutch embassy in Tanzania.

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