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Press release on the 14th of December, 2019 regarding the Kilacha production and training centre in Moshi.

Kukua Na Kuku started

The first 2 weeks of December, 19 future poultry trainers and 13 veterinarians successfully have been trained by the Impact Cluster Kukua na Kuku in collaboration with AERES University of Applied Sciences and GD Animal Health.
This first training is the marking point of the start of a series of trainings which aims to enhance capacity building throughout the value chain in order to improve the efficiency and quality of production and to increase the demand for poultry products in Tanzania.
The training took place at Kilacha production and training center Moshi where at this very moment a brand new demonstration farm is emerging from the soil. This demonstration farm will be the practice ground for the TOT’s and will be supplied by Dutch technologies and equipment, soon to be open for the public. Karibu sana!

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